Community Engagement Summit Series

SYDNEY, 25th MARCH 2021

Learn how to practically implement virtual and augmented reality and create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

This practical, hands on training session will teach you how to implement low-cost and accessible virtual and augmented reality for your next project. This new technology is rapidly changing how organisations can easily communicate complex information to customers using extended reality.

Find out how smart phones, ipads, and headsets can be used to let your audience see and experience places, buildings, products and more at concept stage. Take the first step to becoming an industry leader in the field of extended reality.


  • Learn the fundamentals about Extended Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Explore easy and cost effective ways of implementing these technologies at your organisation
  • Examine case studies of companies already using this technology to improve customer experience such as IKEA and Inkhunter
  • Discover ways to create immersive environments for your audience
  • Be brought up to date with the latest software and shortcuts to create compelling extended reality applications

About your trainers

Wayne Pearce

John Ballantine

Rita Naidu

Wayne, Rita and John are a team of experiential reality experts with a passion for sharing the benefits of virtual and augmented reality. They formed a bond through their research at Western Sydney University’s Lab38, with their work focusing on cutting-edge technology to make virtual and augmented reality more accessible to organisations and businesses.

The trio of trainers bring enthusiasm and energy to this topic, and their experience delivering internship programs and virtual reality design projects shines through in this master class. Wayne, Rita and John share a passion for virtual and augmented reality as a communication tool for design and creating place. Their most recent keystone project is the virtual reality walk through of the Penrith observatory which has received high praise.