Wednesday 19 September 2018

Thursday 20 September 2018

Mercure Hotel, Sydney



Tuesday 16 October 2018

Wednesday 17 October 2018

Novotel Perth Langley

We are pleased to officially launch the 2018 Community Engagement Summit Series. This is our third successive year hosting the series, and to date we have had participants from over 150 organisations across five states join us to share and learn the latest in community engagement.

Our events are planned and designed through research, networking and talking to industry leaders to ensure we are delivering content which is fresh, useful and up to date. Our objective has always been to advance community engagement across the country through quality professional development. We aim to do this by bringing engagement practitioners together to share examples, stories and case studies so we can all learn from each other’s successes and the challenges we face as we engage with our communities and stakeholders.

This is a dynamic and changing industry, with many new and exciting ways to plan and deliver community engagement. The Summit Series theme this year, ‘Full sphere of engagement’ reflects that practitioners need to be at the top of their game across a broad range of topics. As such we have assembled presenters and facilitators with expertise across many areas of practice.

We hope you will join us to in Sydney or Perth this year as we are sure you will take a lot away from this exciting series of events!



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