Community Engagement Summit Series

SYDNEY, 16th MARCH 2021

Would you like to feel more confident and at ease when speaking in front of audiences?

Join us for this 1 day Masterclass created specifically for professionals looking to improve their presenting and public speaking skills. Sarah Ewen, from Public Speaking for Life will guide you through fun and interactive exercises to improve your skills.

Developing and enhancing your presentation and facilitation skills will lead to more effective and engaging presentations, workshops and meetings. This tailored course will equip you with practical theory, tips and tools together with interactive exercises, multiple practice opportunities and personalised feedback to embed learning and build your confidence!

  • Increased ability to articulate concepts and ideas in a clear, structured and simple manner.
  • Ability to facilitate productive workshops/meetings which are engaging, time effective and contain meaningful discussions and positive outcomes.
  • Development of dynamic delivery skills to bring content alive.
  • Overcoming fear and boosting confidence in formal presentations, team meetings, one-on-one conversations and challenging key stakeholder interactions.
  • Assist in building rapport with internal and external key stakeholders.
About your trainer

Sarah Ewen

Sarah Ewen is an internationally experienced public speaking trainer, facilitator, coach and speech writer with a gift for listening and partnering with others to improve their public speaking at their own pace.

She regularly takes to the stage herself to deliver keynote speeches, competes in speaking competitions and even braved stand-up comedy.

Sarah has a passion for empowering others to feel comfortable on stage with an ability to deliver their key messages in an authentic way. ‘I bring energy, insight and honest feedback and most importantly I have a heart to see YOUR public speaking dreams become a reality.’