Community Engagement Summit Series

SYDNEY, 26th MARCH 2021

Want to deliver attractive and relevant pop-up engagement?  

Join us for a Masterclass with engagement expert Dr Joel Fredericks from Thrive Engagement.

Pop-up’s are a great way to engage with local communities around a variety of topics. Not only can they be effective for ‘hacking’ public spaces, creating curiosity and encouraging people to participate, they can also contribute to the success of a wider engagement campaign.

This one-day workshop is a practical, hands-on exploration of tools, techniques and strategies to design, develop and deploy pop-ups for community engagement. Using research and practical real-world examples, this workshop explores emerging digital trends, tools and technologies; as well as out of the box analogue methods, practices and approaches that can be applied to all types of community engagement.

  • Strategies to design, develop and deploy engaging and interesting pop-up’s
  • Understand the importance of place-based engagement
  • Incorporate digital and traditional methods in your pop-up
  • Learn how to provide accessible information to drive better quality feedback
  • Understand the tools, techniques and technology available for pop-up engagement
About your trainer

Dr Joel Fredericks

Dr Joel Fredericks is the Managing Director at Thrive Engagement, an academic researcher, community engagement practitioner and urban planner. Joel brings more than a decade of experience as a consultant on a range of community and infrastructure projects in local government, road, rail, water, telecommunications and energy sectors. He has facilitated national, state and local community engagement programs across a diverse range of stakeholders.

Joel’s academic research sits across the domains of community engagement, urban planning, sustainable development, digital placemaking, media architecture, smart cities and immersive technologies. Joel is particularly apt at analysing highly complex problems and configuring translatable concepts to drive engagement. This includes designing and developing bespoke community engagement programs, such as pop-ups that have brought about operational changes and increased consumer engagement.