Community Engagement Summit Series

SYDNEY, 23rd MARCH 2021

Learn how empathy can be used to create high performing teams.

Working with people can be incredibly challenging. For many a step up to leadership comes with bigger targets, tighter deadlines and dealing with challenging ‘people’ issues. Global surveys regularly identify leading people as the toughest job in business. Why are people so difficult?

What if the issue wasn’t ‘them’ … what if the problem is you? If we want to truly lead people, we need to understand that they are not just another cog in the machine. They are not a problem to be solved, or a resource to be deployed. How do we create deep, trusted and committed partnerships with our people? We need to build a deep understanding, underpinned by empathy and trust.

Daniel guides groups through these foundational elements and provides practical tools for application. This one-day interactive masterclass is designed to challenge and engage leaders. With engaging stories, practical activities and simple tools for participants to use, this will be a transformative experience.

  • Uncover the key elements of high performing teams
  • Simple tools to become engaging & curious leaders
  • Critical skills to enhance communication & connection
  • Help reshape stories that transform people’s lives


After a career in corporate strategy and management consulting within Australia’s largest Financial Services organisations, Daniel now helps businesses and leaders to drive performance through people, culture and empathy. Blending his background in mathematics and strategy, with a deep understanding of emotions, neuroscience and behavioral economics, Daniel has become an expert in building the capabilities, tools and strategies to embed Strategic Empathy.

As CEO of Empathic Consulting, Daniel has provided keynotes and training to PwC, Commonwealth Bank, Tyro, Macquarie Bank, AMP, Adaptovate, NSW Treasury, ICare and TAL. His ability to engage and entertain leaves his clients invigorated to strive for deeper levels of understanding and performance.