Extract from 2016 Community Engagement Summit, Sydney, presentation by Callum Parker UX researcher and computer scientist at the University of Sydney.

Technology is increasingly becoming an ingrained part of everyday life. So much so it is becoming invisible – less obvious and more intimate – as time passes.

This increasing connectivity with technology is making it easier for people to socialise and connect with their community, and what’s happening around them. With people constantly socialising and engaging online, new avenues to communicate and engage have become available.


Adding to online engagement, technology can be used “on the ground” to excite and engage audiences.  Technologies such as Augmented Reality are opening this landscape up even further and has the potential to revolutionise how we engage with communities.  Augmented Reality can present material in a new, and highly understandable manner allowing communities to really see and understand information.  It also provides opportunities for personalised and secure information to be tailored to individuals, creating intimate conversations on a mass level.


There are three take away points to keep in mind when bringing in technology such as Augmented Reality into the community engagement space:

  • If used correctly technology can make urban spaces fun and interactive, attracting a new audience base
  • Information in the real-space can be augmented to increase the value on an individual level with the integrity of privacy intact.
  • It’s vital to make a sure a community engagement program is accessible to the community it is designed for