It’s 2021, you walk into a conference room full of your peers, acquaintances, new faces and old friends. You reach out a hand, share a hug and start telling your stories about the past two years. It feels so good to be reconnecting!

We can’t wait to reconnect with you – and that’s why we are already planning the 2021 Community Engagement Summits. We’d love to see you there, and we are sure there will be so many things we can learn from each other.

So we are reaching out to delegates, speakers, sponsors and scholarship applicants to register your interest to be involved in this awesome comeback community engagement event!

This is a Covid Safe Event


  • ZOOMED OUT Over video calls? We will explore and relive the engagement lessons from virtual engagement and build on our new understanding of this medium for future engagement.
  • BRING BACK FACE TO FACE! Has Covid-19 diminished the need for face to face engagement? Have we really missed town hall meetings?
  • PEER LEARNINGS We come together to learn from one another, and it is never been more important to share, listen, compare and understand our experiences as practitioners.
  • INCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT Who have we left behind or excluded during this time of virtual engagement? How can we remedy this?
  • INTERACTIVE WALKSHOPS Our ever-popular walkshops return led by place-making experts with tips on how to use place to connect and engage with stakeholders
  • INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS Which companies have adapted and innovated during social distancing to develop tools for us to actually be closer together?

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Participants have taken great value from attending our previous Community Engagement Summits – here’s what they said:

“The topics covered across the 2 days of the Summit were interesting and relevant to engagement practice. All speakers were engaging and passionate about their work. I enjoyed both days and feel I will use some of the ideas in my work.

“When organisations offered examples of what hasn’t worked and what has, it was very applicable.”

“I felt the presenters were very open… and as such were able to give great feedback/ pointers for similar projects.”

“Opportunity to focus on community engagement at an achievable level for local government”

“There was an interesting mix of speakers and lots of opportunities to network and meet people.”