Community Engagement Summit Series

Welcome to CESS 2022!
Engagement is as important as ever, and we have a responsibility to ensure communities aren’t left behind throughout these challenging times.
From hybrid engagements to countless zoom meetings, we have all found ways to innovate and work through setbacks and unique circumstances. Now, it is time to reflect on what we’ve learned, and to share these lessons with each other.

That is why we are planning the 2022 Community Engagement Summit! We would love to invite you to this great opportunity to share stories, lessons and innovations from the past couple of years with others in the industry. Throughout these times of challenge and innovation, we all have so much to learn from each other.
So, we are reaching out to delegates, speakers, sponsors and scholarship applicants to register your interest if you’d like to be involved in this exciting and forward-thinking community engagement event!

  • Experience industry leading engagement practitioners sharing their knowledge in an interactive setting
  • A community engagement event run by community engagement practitioners
  • A fresh approach to community engagement conference style events with a focus on participation and interaction
  • Contemporary and future-focused demonstrations of tools and techniques to help reach your audience
  • Updates from leading community engagement academics on how research is leading practice
  • Tips and ideas which can be used to deliver high quality engagement with your communities




to make professionals in every industry we work with more connected, collaborative and innovative


participants complete our professional development events
feeling connected to others,
with an excitement to apply new knowledge
to advance their career   

  • Actively participate in a mixture of hands on, lecture and workshop based learning lead by subject experts
  • Be part of the group that shapes the future of engagement practice across the nation• Learn about professional development opportunities and how to take the next step as a community engagement leader
  • You will meet face to face with leaders, senior engagement professionals and consultants with vast experience in the sector• Hear from leading academics on the latest research in community engagement and digital tools
  • Many opportunities to ask for solutions to challenges you encounter at your organisation• Learn exciting new techniques to better profile and target your audience• Become refreshed and inspired to put new ideas into practice for your community
  • Meet with like-minded people facing the same challenges as yourself• A great opportunity for team building and idea sharing• Learn and interact in a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement practitioners of all levels of experience• Communications and public relations professionals 
  • Public affairs and media relations professionals
  • Digital, online and social media professionals
  • Communications consultants
  • Community development professionals of all levels of experience
  • People who work regularly on the front line with communities• Strategic and land use planners
  • Anyone wanting to improve how their organisation works with communities and stakeholders!