Community Engagement Summit Series



You’re invited to the 2022 Community Engagement Summit

Our 2022 Summit traverses the fictional ‘Land of Community Engagement.’ Join us on a two-day journey as we navigate the hurdles of a modern-day community engagement practitioner. Our speakers and facilitators will guide you through emerging engagement techniques, such as deliberative democracy, equip you with the skills to work with outraged communities and uncover the benefits of utilising emerging digital technologies.

As stakeholders do battle over conflicting ideas, our summit will show you how to engage groups and build consensus. Hear and learn from industry experts each step of the way as they guide you through their experiences.

Our Summit is created and delivered by Community Engagement practitioners who know that each day we face new and often complex challenges.

By joining us we will help you build the tools and foundations to journey through the Land of Community Engagement, and have fun doing it.



  • A community engagement event run by community engagement practitioners, focusing on participation and interaction
  • An opportunity to learn about the modern challenges and innovative solutions within the industry
  • Updates from leading community engagement academics on how research is leading practice 

Key Benefits

  • Participate in a mixture of lectures, hands-on activities and workshop-based learning led by subject experts
  • Learn about recent innovations in engagement from industry peers, delivered creatively via our unique Summit theme
  • Become refreshed and inspired to put new ideas into practice for your community
    Opportunities for networking, team-building and idea-sharing in a safe, positive and friendly atmosphere

Who should attend?

  • Community and stakeholder engagement practitioners of all levels of experience
  • Communications and public relations professionals
  • Public affairs and media relations professionals
  • Digital, online and social media professionals
  • Communications consultants
  • Community development professionals of all levels of experience
  • People who work regularly on the front line with communities
  • Strategic and land use planners
  • Anyone wanting to improve how their organisation works with communities and stakeholders!