Tuesday 20 August

  Pop‐up and Placemaking Master Class with Dr Joel Fredericks

Wednesday 21 & Thursday 22 August

 Perth Community Engagement Summit



Wednesday 13 November

  Pop‐up and Placemaking Master Class with Dr Joel Fredericks

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 November

 Sydney Community Engagement Summit


Building on four successful years of community engagement events around Australia, the 2019 summit series will dive into the industry insights of community engagement. We know community engagement people love to have a chat, share stories, network with like‐minded professionals and most importantly have fun.

Through a new and exciting format, we will have you out of your seats, interacting, learning and developing your professional skills to better engage with stakeholders and communities.

Our program will cover a diverse range of industries with practical take‐aways, which can be implemented in your work.

The stunning backdrops of Perth and Sydney will host this two‐day jammed packed event that will leave you inspired, entertained, and connected to a group of new friends and colleagues.


Exciting program of industry experts for our 2019 Summits

Allan Tranter

Ben Kent

Darius Turner

Fiona Goodbody

Libby Colett

Andrew Watt

Catherine Atoms

David Brown

Jemma Moon

Natasha Guerinoni

Anna Kelderman

Charles Connell

Don Sharples

Joel Levin

Suzanne Brown

Anne Polley

Cr Rebecca Stephens

Dr Sadra Krempl

Kristian Jaakkola

Tim Holmes

Participants have taken great value from attending our previous Community Engagement Summits – here’s what they said:

“The topics covered across the 2 days of the Summit were interesting and relevant to engagement practice. All speakers were engaging and passionate about their work. I enjoyed both days and feel I will use some of the ideas in my work.

“When organisations offered examples of what hasn’t worked and what has, it was very applicable.”

“I felt the presenters were very open… and as such were able to give great feedback/ pointers for similar projects.”

“Opportunity to focus on community engagement at an achievable level for local government”

“There was an interesting mix of speakers and lots of opportunities to network and meet people.”