Coffee and Cake with Darius Turner

Community Engagement Summit Series co-chair Darius Turner recently sat down with Social Pinpoint’s Jessica Goerke to reflect on the finished 2017 Summit Series and discuss what he sees as the most vital trends in community engagement now and in the future.

The full interview is included below, or you can read it here, along with a wide range of other community engagement articles, at Social Pinpoint.


Community Engagement Presentations

Presenters from our highly successful 2017 Community Engagement Summit events have kindly offered to share their presentations. It is hoped that by sharing this knowledge, community engagement practitioners can apply the lessons from case studies and theory to their own work.

Please note, the content in these presentations remains the intellectual property of the authors, so please do not reproduce or post in any other forums without the written consent of the authors.

Thanks again to the presenters for sharing their valuable time and knowledge.

We will continue to update this page with further presentations and resources as they are provided to us.


Social Pinpoint Consultation ManagerConsultation Manager combined with their newly acquired company Social Pinpoint have been announced a platinum partner of the Community Engagement Summit Series 2017.

The ground-breaking nationwide summit series features leading experts at the forefront of the industry with presentations spanning a range of topics including Digital Place-making, Internal Engagement, Engaging Beyond Cultural and Social and Political Divides.

“Our partnership with Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint provides an exciting opportunity for summit attendees.  These two complementary products provide a complete end-to-end solution to online engagement with stimulating online engagement tools.

“Both of the companies have delivered hundred of projects.  The insights and case studies they will provides attendees with is incredibly valuable.   We are delighted to have them on-board as their involvement will provide attendees with a huge range of resources,” said Community Engagement Summit Series Co-chair, Darius Turner.

Co-founder of Social Pinpoint Charles Connell said they were delighted Consultation Manager and Social Pinpoint were able to be jointly involved in an event paving the way and providing a fresh approach to community engagement and training.

“The 2017 Community Engagement Summit provides attendees with such a wealth of resources, tools and advice, relating so well to our company ethos.  The series provides a wonderful opportunity for attendees to bring along community engagement problems and utilise the collective knowledge of the experts in attendance to develop solutions.  We are delighted to be involved in such a unique event,” said Charles Connell, Co-founder of Social Pinpoint.

The Community Engagement Summit Series: Melbourne 23 & 24 May, Brisbane 30 & 31 May, Adelaide 6 & 7 July, Perth 13 & 14 July and Sydney 3 & 4 August.

About Social Pinpoint and Consultation Manager
Social Pinpoint provide online engagement tools with the best solutions to engage with stakeholders and communities.  Consultation Manager are a global leader in software to manage stakeholder relations. Together they provide a complete community engagement solution. 


Media Release
18 April 2017

Temple Executive Search - Community Engagement

Community Engagement Training Australia is excited to partner with leading corporate affairs executive search firm, Temple Executive Search to deliver the ground-breaking nation-wide event, the 2017 Community Engagement Summit Series.

The Community Engagement Summit Series is an innovative program that aims to help professionals advance in the practice of community engagement across Australia, showcasing the most up-to-date case studies, apps and online solutions and new approaches to engagement.

Taking place in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney, the events will feature leading experts at the forefront of the industry with presentations spanning a range of topics including digital place-making, internal engagement, engaging beyond cultural and social and political divides.

“Partnering with Temple Executive Search to deliver this cutting-edge program will allow us to further deliver on our ethos that contemporary and high quality professional development for engagement practitioners is the cornerstone of delivering the best possible outcomes for communities,” said Community Engagement Summit Series Co-chair, Darius Turner.

“Temple Executive Search is renowned for their industry involvement and their support in nurturing and developing professionals within the industry. Their partnership will see unique training workshops, lead by some of the most experienced and trusted communications strategy advisors in Australia included as part of the program” he said.
Temple Executive Search Director and Co-founder Rebecca Tabakoff, said Temple partnered with the series in the interest of both its clients and candidates.

“The Community Engagement Summit Series mirrors our objective of raising the profile of the community engagement function, and supporting the development of professionals within the industry.

“In a time of growth and change within local communities, community engagement is more important than ever and a critical component of connecting individuals and communities.

“Our workshops at the Community Engagement Summit Series will provide professional development opportunities to enhance and grow professionals within the industry, with workshops led by leading Australian Practitioners,” she said.

Sponsorship of the Community Engagement Summit Series provides a unique opportunity to contribute to and place your organisation at the forefront of the industry, while connecting with practitioners. Contact us to find out how to be involved.

The 2017 Community Engagement Summit Series: Melbourne 23 & 24 May, Brisbane 30 & 31 May, Adelaide 6 & 7July, Perth 13 & 14 July and Sydney 3 & 4 August.

About Temple Executive Search
Temple Executive Search is an executive search, training and consulting firm specialising in communications and corporate affairs. Temple was established in 2013 to deliver executive search and counsel for both candidates and clients from the perspective of people who have actually worked in corporate affairs.


Last week the Co-chair of the Community Engagement Summit Series 2017, Joel Fredericks, shared insights into his research on how middle out engagement can be used as a collaborative approach for designing, implementing and deploying community engagement in local communities. 

Middle Out Engagement

Joel Fredericks shares insights about middle out engagement design

The workshop took place at Big Bang 2017, a conference organised and hosted by Bang the Table for community engagement practitioners. Feedback from workshop participants was positive, with many comments highlighting the value of including stakeholders in the engagement design stage to avoid the age old problem of hearing ‘why wasn’t I consulted?’ at the pointy end of the process. We will be unpacking this more during the upcoming Community Engagement Summit Series and sharing further information through our facebook, twitter and linkedin feeds.